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What I Wish I Didn't Know

I wanted to be a writer long before I wanted to write about myself. I’ve been an enthusiastic reader since childhood, and at ten years old genre lines were very simple. Nonfiction meant reading biographies, or history books, or newspaper articles; fiction meant devouring the adventures of the Read More...


I was dense today, rushed. I kept losing important things--the keys, the phone, my daughter’s pacifier. I forgot to keep an eye out for something beautiful.But I do have this quiet moment--pecking out words with one hand, cradling the babe with the other. It’s the only way I write anymor Read More...

Outline as Structure: Scaffolding in a “Dark Barn”

It is difficult to find an angle of approach when writing about a personal experience, a deeply held belief, an individual revelation. As River Teeth editor Jill Christman likes to say, “Life doesn’t come with plot.” When telling a true story, the “worldbuilding” is pre Read More...

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