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Book Prize Winner is Rosemary McGuire

The winner of this year's River Teeth Nonfiction Book Prize is Rosemary McGuire. Her memoir Out West: A Season on Water is a coming of age tale set in the Alaskan fishing industry. The manuscript was selected by final judge Andre Dubus III, author of six books including House of Sand and F Read More...

Announcing the Winner of the 2016 River Teeth Book Contest

Congratulations to Sarah Viren, the winner of this year's River Teeth book contest. Her manuscript "Mine" is a collection of linked essays. Final judge Andre Dubus III had this to say about the manuscript: “With wonderfully precise and evocative prose, Sarah Viren takes us deeply into her Read More...

River Teeth Literary Nonfiction Prize Winner

“Narcissa Prentiss Whitman died alone, her body crumpled like waxed paper, her head a cracked melon. She was shot a dozen times on a cold day in November 1847, likely whipped while she was still breathing, her body rolled into a ditch probably not all that far from a ditch I peered into a few Read More...

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