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Essaying a Spinning World

Floyd Skloot's Revertigo: An Off-Kilter MemoirWe generally refer to essays and memoirs as if they were distinct forms of creative nonfiction, but when we encounter specific works, those categories seem harder to apply. Is this short first-person reflective narrative a personal essay or a memoir Read More...


Our children are up to their knees in the waves before we notice the dark cloud above the lake, a blur of rain below it, moving toward us. As I wade out to them, the cloud comes closer, and we return to the beach. Within minutes the sky darkens overhead and the first chilly raindrops strike bare sho Read More...

One Reader's Homage to Two Dogeared Authors

The Art of the Wasted Day by Patricia HamplDraft #4: On the Writing Process by John McPheeThe next time you stop by my house, ask to see my copy of Patricia Hampl’s The Art of the Wasted Day, her most recent book. You may not know that long ago, feeling guilty about writing in the margins of b Read More...

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