Beautiful Things

Beautiful Things

Glimpses, glimmers, meditations, moments, reflections, refractions, interrupted shadows, river shimmers, darkened mirrors, keyholes, kaleidoscopes, earring hoops, slabs of cracked granite, cracks where the light gets in. Beautiful things.

River Teeth's weekly online publication, "Beautiful Things," features very brief nonfiction that finds beauty in the everyday. Interested readers can subscribe to receive Beautiful Things via email

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Flash nonfiction submissions to the River Teeth weekly column, Beautiful Things, should be 250 words or less. Please submit one beautiful thing at a time, via Submittable.

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The "Beautiful Things" column was inspired by Michelle Webster-Hein's essay, "Beautiful Things," which appeared in Volume 15, Number 1 of River Teeth and was reprinted in excerpts on River Teeth's website.

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Co-Editors: Michelle Webster-Hein and Jill Christman

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