2011 - Mountains of Light: Seasons of Reflection in Yosemite

by R. Mark Liebenow

Mountains of Splendor“With his poet’s eye and sensibilities, Mark Liebenow leads us through one of the great American wild lands, Yosemite National Park. He also marks out a trail through an even wilder landscape—that of grief in the human heart. . . . The terrain he explores is rough and dramatic, exuberant and awe-inspiring.”
—Kelsea Habecker, author of Hollow Out
“This is a book of a hero’s journey—of a journey deep into the wilderness of our hearts among the wild flowing rivers we try to navigate in the face of pain, the glacial movement of recovering from tragic loss. It’s about how when we listen to the gifts of nature we can find deep spiritual power; we can find grace. This is a beautiful book.”
—Jeff Knorr, author of Keeper and The Third Body
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“I slipped out of high school in the early 1960s to climb El Capitan, Half Dome, and the valley’s other granite monuments. Mark’s book reminds me of how many ways Yosemite has affected the direction of my life, and of the spirituality I found there. His words encourage me to move deeper still.”
—John Westlake, PhD, wildlife biologist, Yosemite rock climber

“Reading Mountains of Light is like discovering a Bierstadt landscape or a bundle of letters from John Muir in your attic. It is a mural painted in words set against the terrible beauty of Yosemite . . . a journey from darkness into light. It’s a journey worth taking. It will lift you.”
—Lynn and Julie Carl, Peoria book club

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