2010 - A Double Life: Discovering Motherhood

by Lisa Catherine Harper

2011 National Book Critics Circle Small Press Highlight
“In A Double Life Lisa Catherine Harper delivers a complex, heartfelt exploration of pregnancy and motherhood. Smart, accessible, and emotionally compelling, it is part memoir, part manifesto—a riveting read for anyone who is a mother, or hopes to become one.”—Michelle Richmond, author of The Year of Fog and No One
You Know

“For a lot of new fathers, there are two deep and inextricable mysteries: (1) All the confusing stuff that happens to your wife when she becomes a mother, and (2) All the boring books about stuff that happens to your wife when she becomes a mother. From this standpoint Lisa Catherine Harper’s funny, honest, literate, and eye-opening memoir is an absolute godsend.”—Jeff Gordinier, author of X Saves the World and editor-at-large of Details magazine

"As an expectant mother, I would have welcomed such a book for its candor and information, which go far beyond what’s offered in pregnancy and parenting guides; today, deep into my mothering, I find its reflections speak eloquently to me about those disorienting and wondrous early days.”—Caroline Grant, coeditor of Mama, PhD and editor in chief of the online journal, Literary Mama

“A joy to read! This book should top any baby shower gift list or any new mother’s stack of bedside books. It is not to be missed.”—Kimberly Ford, author of Hump: True Tales of Sex after Kids

“For the thinking parent or parent-to-be, there is nothing quite like it. It inspires, informs, and creates a space for grasping one’s own place on the amazing journey of creation.”—Lewis Buzbee, author of The Yellow-Lighted Bookshop

“Unlike any memoir I’ve ever read. It is as if you’ve sat down with your wise and well-read, self-aware and witty best friend and begged her, terrified: please, I need to know everything. If you have children, you should read this book. If you want to have children, you need to read this book. If you think you’ve made up your mind and will never have a child, you need to read this beautiful book.”—Jen Larsen, author of Condé Nast’s blog, Elastic Waist

“An insightful memoir, written from the heart. Lisa Harper is well researched in her medical knowledge and eloquent in her descriptions.”—Stephanie Barbagiovanni, MD

“A perfect account of both the physical and the emotional journey of pregnancy and birth.”—Michelle Currie Smith, RN, MSN

“I don’t even have kids and I loved this book. It is a compelling, meditative narrative on the art and science of child rearing—tender, intelligent, and informative.”—Melissa Clark, author of Swimming Upstream, Slowly

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