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2011 Pushcart Nominations

October 18, 2011
River Teeth's 2011 Pushcart Nominations
Keywords: pushcart

River Teeth 13.1 Now Available in Print and Online

October 13, 2011
River Teeth, Volume 13, Number 1 has arrived in our offices, is labeled, and will be mailed today!
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Switching to Submishmash

October 3, 2011
In the next few days/weeks, we will be transitioning from our existing submission manager to Submishmash.
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Mary Haug

October 3, 2011
Mary Alice Haug is a South Dakota writer of personal essays and memoir.
Keywords: 19-1

Volume 13 Number 1

Volume 13 Number 1 October 1, 2011
Featuring work by Sydnea Lea, Kim Dana Kupperman, Lisa Ohlen Harris, Philip Gerard, Cynthia Anne Brandon, Richard Hoffman, Michelle Herman, Mary Haug, Rosa del Duca, Steven Harvey, and Bethany Maile
Keywords: 13-1

Kim Dana Kupperman

October 1, 2011
Kim Dana Kupperman is the author of a critically acclaimed collection of essays, I Just Lately Started Buying Wings. Missives from the Other Side of Silence (Graywolf, 2010), which received the 2009 Katharine Bakeless Nason Prize in Nonfiction from the Bread Loaf Writers’ Conference and was recently longlisted for the Indie Booksellers Association Choice Award.
Keywords: , 13-1, 7-2

Philip Gerard

October 1, 2011
Philip Gerard is the author of three novels and five books of nonfiction, as well as numerous essays, short stories, radio commentaries, an hour-long radio drama, and eleven documentary scripts for public television.
Keywords: 10, 13-1, 14-2, 5-2, 7-2

Lisa Ohlen Harris

October 1, 2011
Lisa Ohlen Harris is the author of the Middle East memoir Through the Veil.
Keywords: , 13-1, 9-1

Dan Lehman

October 1, 2011
Dan Lehman is co-founder and co-editor of River Teeth: A Journal of Nonfiction Narrative and series co-editor of the River Teeth Literary Nonfiction Book Prize series.
Keywords: 10, 15-1, 4-1

Editor's Notes - Volume 13, Number 1

Editor's Notes - Volume 13, Number 1 By Joe Mackall   |  October 1, 2011
I don’t remember much about being 12 or 13 years old, but I do recall feeling a little restless, maybe even a tad reckless. Just how those feelings manifested themselves over forty years ago, I’ll leave buried, deep in the hazy cave of a dim memory. Now that we at River Teeth are in year thirteen, we’re feeling a bit restless ourselves, maybe even a tad reckless.
Keywords: editors notes

Richard Hoffman

October 1, 2011
Richard Hoffman is the author of the memoirs Half the House, and Love & Fury, and the poetry collections, Without Paradise, Gold Star Road (winner of the 2006 Barrow Street Press Poetry Prize and the 2008 Sheila Motton Award from the New England Poetry Club), Emblem, and Noon until Night.
Keywords: 13-1, 20-1, 8-2

Bethany Maile

October 1, 2011
Bethany Maile lives with her husband in Moscow, Idaho and teaches at the University of Idaho.
Keywords: , 13-1

River Teeth: An Introduction

River Teeth: An Introduction By David James Duncan   |  September 25, 2011
There is in every log a series of cross-grained, pitch-hardened masses where branches once joined the tree's trunk. "Knots," they're called in a piece of lumber. But in the bed of a river, where the rest of the tree has been stripped and washed away, these knots take on a very different appearance, and so deserve a different name.
Keywords: , introduction

River Teeth Conference Coming Soon!

September 21, 2011
Announcing the Inaugural 2012 River Teeth Nonfiction Conference, featuring Robert Atwan and Hope Edelman.
Keywords: conference

Volume 12 Number 2

Volume 12 Number 2 March 30, 2011
Featuring work by Sam Pickering, Bob Cowser Jr., Angela Morales, Bruce Ballenger, Lori Jakiela, Tom Lassiter, Mel Livatino, Gabriel Urza, and Jason Tucker
Keywords: 12-2

Volume 12, Number 1

Volume 12, Number 1 October 1, 2010
Featuring work by Robert McGowan, Kathryn Winograd, Phillip Lopate, Maureen Stanton, Will Jennings, Kurt Caswell, Greg Bottoms, Eric Dean Wilson, Brad Modlin, K. Emily Bond, Jill Noel Kandel, and J. Malcolm Garcia
Keywords: 12-1

Volume 11, Number 2

Volume 11, Number 2 March 30, 2010
Featuring work by Dan Lehman, Michael Downs, Valerie Due, Gregory Morris, Anne Panning, Jonny Steinberg, Eliza Wilmerding, Anne Bardaglio, Nick Neely, John E. Keats, Emily C. Watson, and Richard Goodman
Keywords: , 11-2

Valerie Due

March 30, 2010
Valerie Due is a freelance writer who spent fifteen years in technology marketing after stints as a magazine editor and reporter.
Keywords: , 11-2

Volume 11, Number 1

Volume 11, Number 1 September 1, 2009
Featuring work by Dan Lehman, Kelly McMasters, Jill Christman, Michelle Bliss, Chris Rose, Mark Masse, Mohja Kahf, Heather Killelea McEntarfer, Mark Behr, Brent Spencer, Kathy Fagan, Michael Bogan, Rebecca McClanahan, and Gretchen Clark
Keywords: 11-1

Volume 10 - The River Teeth Reader

Volume 10 - The River Teeth Reader January 30, 2009
Special double-issue featuring the best from the first ten years of River Teeth
Keywords: 10

Volume 9, Number 2

Volume 9, Number 2 March 30, 2008
Featuring work by Barbara Hurd, Jo Scott-Coe, Teddy Macker, Bill Milligan, Desirae Matherly, Timothy Schaffert, Lorence Gutterman, William Haas, Margot Singer, Janet Yoder, Jane Sandor, Aaron Alford, and Matthew Davis
Keywords: 9-2

Volume 9, Number 1

Volume 9, Number 1 October 1, 2007
Featuring work by Diana Joseph, Dustin Beall Smith, Margaret MacInnis, Tom Montgomery-Fate, Joanna Robinson, Roger Sheffer, Lisa Ohlen Harris, Steve Kistulentz, William Giraldi, and Patrick Madden
Keywords: 9-1

Volume 8, Number 2

Volume 8, Number 2 March 30, 2007
Featuring work by Sophie Beck, Jill Christman, Kevin Kerrane, Pumla Gobodo-Madikizela, Antjie Krog, Andie Miller, Liza Field, David Gessner, Jacqueline Marino, Richard Hoffman, Juan Martinez, Dinty W. Moore, Donald Morrill, S.L. Wisenberg, and J.T. Ledbetter
Keywords: 8-2

Volume 8, Number 1

Volume 8, Number 1 October 1, 2006
Featuring work by Sydney Lea, Karen Babine, Steven Harvey, Kathryn Rhett, Omar Eby, Joe Kraus, Chris Offutt, Buddy Levy, Penelope Schwartz Robinson, Lee Martin, Mimi Schwartz, Floyd Skloot, Michael W. Cox, Kirsten Whatley, and an interview with Judith Kitchen and Dinty W. Moore.
Keywords: 8-1

Volume 7, Number 2

Volume 7, Number 2 March 30, 2006
Featuring work by David Plante, Jan Armstrong, Dustin Beall Smith, Sue William Silverman, D.L. Hall, Philip Gerard, Kim Dana Kupperman, Jerry Dennis, Lynda Rutledge, and Janet C. McCaa
Keywords: 7-2

Volume 7, Number 1

Volume 7, Number 1 October 1, 2005
Featuring work by Ted Gup, Tama Baldwin, Joshua Dolezal, Kelly Grey Carlisle, Ryan Van Meter, Katy Read, Angie Carter, Stephen D. Gutierrez, Andrea Lorenz, Paul Bogard, Amy Friedman, Katie Fallon, Sue Allison, Kyle Minor, and Benjamin Stein
Keywords: 7-1

Volume 6, Number 2

Volume 6, Number 2 March 30, 2005
Featuring work by Patricia Ann McNair, Amy Alznauer, Rosemary McGuire, Mike Barenti, Leslie Rubinkowski, Kurt Inderbitzin, Alex Taylor, Joe Bonomo, Juliana Gray, Joel B. Peckham, Brandon R. Schrand, and Mark Sanders
Keywords: 6-2

Volume 6, Number 1

Volume 6, Number 1 October 1, 2004
Featuring work by Robert Vivian, W. Thomas, Jennifer Brice, Brent Spencer, W.J. Thornton, Lee Martin, Marilyn Abildskov, Sydney Lea, Bonnie Jo Campbell, Patrick Madden, Diana Hume George, and Kelly Brecher King
Keywords: 6-1

Volume 5, Number 2

Volume 5, Number 2 March 30, 2004
Featuring work by Ted Kooser, Fay Dacey, Greg Bottoms, Joan Connor, Sam Pickering, Jessica Mesman, Michelle Herman, Philip Gerard, Sian B. Griffiths, Walt Harrington, Mark C. Urban, William Heyen, Jeylan Yassin, and Ellen Morris Prewitt
Keywords: 5-2

Volume 5, Number 1

Volume 5, Number 1 October 1, 2003
Featuring work by Seth Sawyers, Jody Bolz, R. Glendon Brunk, Wendy Mitman Clarke, Robert Atwan, Amy Morgenstern, Jon Franklin, Richard Terrill, Barbara Davenport, James A. McLaughlin, and Nancy Cook
Keywords: 5-1
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