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Do Not Read Out Loud

Do Not Read Out Loud By Laurie Uttich   |  January 3, 2013
Laurie Uttich teamed up with Sean Ironman to create this video of "Do Not Read Out Loud," from River Teeth 14.1.

Tributary: New Online Journal for High School Writers

By Joe Mackall   |  May 2, 2012
Tributary is an online journal being launched by the editors of River Teeth: and the English Department at Ashland University for high school creative writers to publish their essays, memoir and other narrative nonfiction.

What I Wish I Didn't Know

What I Wish I Didn't Know By Jason B. Dutton   |  April 25, 2012
I don’t fault other disabled writers for writing about their conditions, and people like Nancy Mairs and Floyd Skloot have ably demonstrated that such writing can educate and engage others. So why is it that there is always a voice in my head that smirks at my essays? “Well sure,” he says. “Of course you were going to write about that.”

Annual Conference: 8,000 Writers Expected

Annual Conference: 8,000 Writers Expected By Rebecca McClanahan   |  February 26, 2012
With the 2012 AWP Conference happening in just a few days, here is Rebecca McClanahan's "Annual Conference: 8,000 Writers Expected" from River Teeth 13.2.

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