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"Proper Names Are Poetry in the Raw": Character Formation in Traumatic Nonfiction

By Dan Lehman   |  August 28, 2013
...I want to rekindle our desire for the complex truth of a written life. To do so, I wish to refocus our attention to what I believe matters about nonfiction, particularly nonfiction about trauma. I would never argue that facts don’t matter in nonfiction ... Yet I hope to prove that what really counts is the tangible human presence outside the text that competes with the nonfiction character inside the text.

"The Most Amazing Bowling Story Ever" Interview with Michael J. Mooney

By Matt Tullis   |  January 10, 2013
In this podcast, Matt Tullis, Journalism Professor at Ashland University, interviews Michael J. Mooney about his piece in D Magazine, "The Most Amazing Bowling Story Ever," which has garnered attention as one of the best pieces of nonfiction in 2012.

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