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Lee Martin

August 28, 2014
Lee Martin is the author of the novels, The Bright Forever, a finalist for the 2006 Pulitzer Prize in Fiction; Break the Skin; River of Heaven; and Quakertown. He has also published three memoirs, From Our House, Turning Bones, and Such a Life; and a short story collection, The Least You Need to Know. He teaches in the MFA program at The Ohio State University, where he is a past winner of the Alumni Distinguished Teaching Award.
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Robert Vivian

August 23, 2012
Robert Vivian is the author of two essay collections, Cold Snap As Yearning and The Least Cricket Of Evening, a trilogy of novels entitled The Tall Grass Trilogy, and a new novel, Water And Abandon.
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Volume 6, Number 1

Volume 6, Number 1 October 1, 2004
Featuring work by Robert Vivian, W. Thomas, Jennifer Brice, Brent Spencer, W.J. Thornton, Lee Martin, Marilyn Abildskov, Sydney Lea, Bonnie Jo Campbell, Patrick Madden, Diana Hume George, and Kelly Brecher King
Keywords: 6-1
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