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Rebecca McClanahan

May 9, 2016
Rebecca McClanahan has published ten books of nonfiction, essays, poetry, and writing instruction, most recently The Tribal Knot: A Memoir of Family, Community, and a Century of Change and a new edition of Word Painting: The Fine Art of Writing Descriptively.
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Mark H. Massé

February 27, 2015
Mark H. Massé ( is author of two books of literary journalism: Trauma Journalism: On Deadline in Harm’s Way (2011) and Inspired to Serve: Today’s Faith Activists (2004). He has also published two novels and is completing a third work of fiction on campus crime. A freelance author for more than thirty-five years, Massé has written for multiple national and international periodicals. In 2012, he won the Excellence in Journalism Award from the American Psychoanalytic Association for “Transformer,” a chapter from his book Trauma Journalism, which originally appeared in River Teeth in fall 2009.
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Volume 11, Number 1

Volume 11, Number 1 September 1, 2009
Featuring work by Dan Lehman, Kelly McMasters, Jill Christman, Michelle Bliss, Chris Rose, Mark Masse, Mohja Kahf, Heather Killelea McEntarfer, Mark Behr, Brent Spencer, Kathy Fagan, Michael Bogan, Rebecca McClanahan, and Gretchen Clark
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