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Editor's Notes 22.2

Editor's Notes 22.2 By Joe Mackall   |  April 13, 2021
Before writing these editor’s notes on a cold Saturday morning in mid-November 2020, I thought back to the words penned in the editor’s notes of the previous issue by my friend and co-editor Dan Lehman, with the country and the world in the early days of the pandemic.
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River Teeth Journal Issue 22.2

River Teeth Journal Issue 22.2 April 13, 2021
River Teeth 22.2 features the writing of: Abigail Thomas, Marianne Jay Erhardt, Greg Bottoms, Nicole Graev Lipson, Richard Goodman, Shamecca Harris, James Brown, Emily Waples, Jason Goldsmith, Jessica Franken, and Rick Rees.
Keywords: 22-2

River Teeth Journal Issue 22.1

River Teeth Journal Issue 22.1 October 19, 2020
River Teeth 22.1 features the writing of: Michael Dinkel, Emma Kaiser, Julia Marie Wade, Brenda Miller, Allie Spikes, Jonathan Starke, Ren Jones, Susan Jackson Rodgers, Molly Rideout, Megan Harlan, Erin Block, J. Malcolm Garcia, and Micah Perks.
Keywords: 22-1

Editor's Notes 22.1

Editor's Notes 22.1 By Dan Lehman   |  October 19, 2020
Sitting here at my desk on April 22, 2020, writing these words, the world as I've known it has changed. Startlingly. Like many, I am locked down, masked, wary, guarding my six-foot radius. Outside, I'm still active, but alone.
Keywords: 22-1

River Teeth Journal Issue 21.2

River Teeth Journal Issue 21.2 June 8, 2020
River Teeth Issue 21.2 features the writing of: Rebecca McClanahan, Phillip Hurst, Wendy Bilen, Mary Grimm, Kevin Honold, Camellia Freeman, Liz Prato, Tim Bascom, Kelle Groom, James Ellenberger, Kelly Fordon, and Nicole Graev Lipson.
Keywords: 21-2

Editor's Notes 21.2

Editor's Notes 21.2 By Jill Christman and Mark Neely   |  June 8, 2020
In the fall of 2018, Joe Mackall and Dan Lehman wrote to us to say that River Teeth needed a new home. They wanted to know whether we would consider joining them on the masthead and making Ball State University the magazine’s institutional headquarters.
Keywords: 21-2

River Teeth Journal Issue 21.1

River Teeth Journal Issue 21.1 February 7, 2020
River Teeth Issue 21.1 features the writing of Jan Shoemaker, Sean Ironman, Lawrence Lenhart, Laurie Uttich, Leonard Winograd, Nicholas Dighiera, Molly Gallentine, Beth Ann Miller, Stephen D. Gutierrez, Susan H. Greenberg, and Noah Davis.

Editor's Notes 21.1

Editor's Notes 21.1 By Joe Mackall   |  January 31, 2020
The other day I had occasion to drive through a town named Red Haw, just a few miles from my home in rural Ohio. I live in a small community, but it’s a booming metropolis compared to Red Haw, a town of Trump re-election signs, a smattering of houses, a few barns, and a Methodist church. Red Haw is an easy place to ignore, and it’s an even easier place to think you know.
Keywords: 21-1

River Teeth Journal Issue 20.2

River Teeth Journal Issue 20.2 August 9, 2019
Featuring the writing of Rachel Weaver, Jeff Gundy, EmmaJean Holley, Anne McGrath, J. David Stevens, Jill Talbot, Sam Pickering, Evan Reibsome, E. J. Myers, Elizabeth Miki Brina, Rosanna N. Henderson, Chris Siteman, and Fleda Brown.
Keywords: 20-2

River Teeth Journal Issue 20.1

River Teeth Journal Issue 20.1 December 12, 2018
Featuring writing from Iver Arnegard, Greg Bottoms, Sydney Lea, Beth Alvarado, Ash Whitman, Ryan Brod, Vivé Griffith, Holly Willis, Jake Maynard, Earl Fendelman, Seth Sawyers, and Richard Hoffman.
Keywords: 20-1

River Teeth Journal Issue 19.2

River Teeth Journal Issue 19.2 May 2, 2018
This issue features work by Suzanne Roberts, Heather M. Surls, Thomas Larson, Wendy Bone, Anton DiSclafani, Mark Beaver, Jill Christman, Bonnie Ilza Cisneros, Carol D. Marsh, Emily Sinclair, Alia Volz, and Tom Montgomery Fate.
Keywords: 19-2

River Teeth Journal Issue 19.1

River Teeth Journal Issue 19.1 October 3, 2017
This issue features work by Ann Hood, Jessica Lind Peterson, Ana Maria Spagna, Ted Gup, Sarah Curtis Graziano, Amy Peterson, Nicholas Dighiera, Cecele Kraus, Joan Frank, Marilyn Moriarty, Anne Barngrover, and Mary Haug.
Keywords: 19-1

River Teeth Journal Issue 18.2

River Teeth Journal Issue 18.2 April 6, 2017
Featuring writing by Zachary F. Gerberick, Lauren Hobson, Brenda Miller, Julie Marie Wade, Michael Downs, E.A. Farro, Thomas Larson, Andre Dubus III, Amanda Bestor-Siegal, Kerry Muir, Reg Darling, Krista Christensen, and Brian Castner.
Keywords: 18.2

River Teeth Journal Issue 18.1

River Teeth Journal Issue 18.1 September 14, 2016
Featuring writing by Marley Andino, Emily Brisse, Marion Boyer, Rachel Graham Cody, Kevin Honold, Feagin Jones, David Lazar, Alex Lemon, Annie Olson, Angela Pelster, Josh Potter, Joe Wilkins, and Kathryn Winograd.
Keywords: 18-1

River Teeth Journal Issue 17.2

River Teeth Journal Issue 17.2 May 30, 2016
Featuring writing by Donald Mitchell, Fleda Brown, Jerald Walker, Sonya Huber, Joe Oestreich, Tim Hillegonds, Heather Gemmen Wilson, Gina Williams, Jan Shoemaker, William Torrey, Rebecca McClanahan, and Cate Hennessey
Keywords: 17.2

Volume 17 Number 1

Volume 17 Number 1 November 9, 2015
featuring the writing of Stephen Benz, Jill Christman, Karen Dietrich, Tom Fate, Kerry Folan, Robert Long Foreman, Shannon Huffman Polson, Shanley Jacobs, Catalina Ouyang, Katherine Robb, Nathan Thornburgh, and Joe Wilkins.
Keywords: 17-1

Volume 16 Number 2

Volume 16 Number 2 February 27, 2015
featuring the writing of Judith Kitchen, Jacqueline Lyons, Tarn Wilson, Abriana Jetté, Jan Shoemaker, John Patrick Tormey, C. Levison McGuire, Jennifer Lunden, Justin Heckert, Mark H. Massé, Jonathan Hiskes, and Courtney Kersten.
Keywords: 16-2

Volume 16 Number 1

Volume 16 Number 1 August 28, 2014
featuring work by Jonathan Starke, Britt Leach, Elizabeth Arnold, Lee Martin, Nancy Lord, Sydney Lea, Ira Sukrungruang, Anne Panning, Melissa Matthewson, Jacqueline Haskins, Pamela Schmid, Ron Clinton Smith, and Hannah Hindley
Keywords: 16-1

Volume 15 Number 2

Volume 15 Number 2 January 29, 2014
featuring work by Leila Philip, Kim Todd, Steven Church, Marley Andino, Christopher Bundy, Nicole Walker, Joe Mackall, Brenda Miller, Keith Lesmeister, Michelle Herman, Chelsea Biondolillo, and Penny Guisinger
Keywords: 15-2

Volume 15 Number 1

Volume 15 Number 1 August 28, 2013
featuring work by Michelle Webster-Hein, Brian Doyle, Mark Liebenow, Jesse Bordoni, Chris Offutt, Daniel W. Lehman, Beth Peterson, Debie Thomas, Helen Wallace, Bettye Kearse, Aaron Poor, Katie Fallon, and Seth Sawyers, and an interview with Chris Offutt
Keywords: 15-1

Volume 14 Number 2

Volume 14 Number 2 February 15, 2013
featuring work by Amy A. Whitcomb, Kirk Wilson, Sonja Livingston, Glenn Moomau, Philip Gerard, Marilyn Bousquin, Kathryn Wilder, Richard Goodman, Jackson Connor, and A. Sandosharaj
Keywords: 14-2

Volume 14 Number 1

Volume 14 Number 1 August 16, 2012
featuring work by Jerald Walker, Joshua Shenk, Karen McElmurray, Andre Dubus III, Laurie Rachkus Uttich, Eli Sanders, Richard Gilbert, Leslie Stainton, Robert Atwan, C.D. Mitchell, Lee Martin, Kathleen Blackburn, and Robert Vivian
Keywords: 14-1

Volume 13 Number 2

Volume 13 Number 2 January 23, 2012
Featuring work by Steven Harvey, Thomas Larson, Sarah M. Wells, Jon Kerstetter, Sydney Lea, Leila Philip, Dan Roche, Sara Loewen, Rebecca McClanahan, Michael R. Shea, and MaryKatherine Ramsey
Keywords: 13-2

Volume 13 Number 1

Volume 13 Number 1 October 1, 2011
Featuring work by Sydnea Lea, Kim Dana Kupperman, Lisa Ohlen Harris, Philip Gerard, Cynthia Anne Brandon, Richard Hoffman, Michelle Herman, Mary Haug, Rosa del Duca, Steven Harvey, and Bethany Maile
Keywords: 13-1

Volume 12 Number 2

Volume 12 Number 2 March 30, 2011
Featuring work by Sam Pickering, Bob Cowser Jr., Angela Morales, Bruce Ballenger, Lori Jakiela, Tom Lassiter, Mel Livatino, Gabriel Urza, and Jason Tucker
Keywords: 12-2

Volume 12, Number 1

Volume 12, Number 1 October 1, 2010
Featuring work by Robert McGowan, Kathryn Winograd, Phillip Lopate, Maureen Stanton, Will Jennings, Kurt Caswell, Greg Bottoms, Eric Dean Wilson, Brad Modlin, K. Emily Bond, Jill Noel Kandel, and J. Malcolm Garcia
Keywords: 12-1

Volume 11, Number 2

Volume 11, Number 2 March 30, 2010
Featuring work by Dan Lehman, Michael Downs, Valerie Due, Gregory Morris, Anne Panning, Jonny Steinberg, Eliza Wilmerding, Anne Bardaglio, Nick Neely, John E. Keats, Emily C. Watson, and Richard Goodman
Keywords: , 11-2

Volume 11, Number 1

Volume 11, Number 1 September 1, 2009
Featuring work by Dan Lehman, Kelly McMasters, Jill Christman, Michelle Bliss, Chris Rose, Mark Masse, Mohja Kahf, Heather Killelea McEntarfer, Mark Behr, Brent Spencer, Kathy Fagan, Michael Bogan, Rebecca McClanahan, and Gretchen Clark
Keywords: 11-1

Volume 10 - The River Teeth Reader

Volume 10 - The River Teeth Reader January 30, 2009
Special double-issue featuring the best from the first ten years of River Teeth
Keywords: 10

Volume 9, Number 2

Volume 9, Number 2 March 30, 2008
Featuring work by Barbara Hurd, Jo Scott-Coe, Teddy Macker, Bill Milligan, Desirae Matherly, Timothy Schaffert, Lorence Gutterman, William Haas, Margot Singer, Janet Yoder, Jane Sandor, Aaron Alford, and Matthew Davis
Keywords: 9-2
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