The Cheese Case

The Cheese Case By Katie Machen   |  September 25, 2023
On Sunday mornings, I open the shop alone. Pulling myself from the heavy gravity of my beloved, with coffee in hand, I use three keys: lock, gate, door. Apron, lights, sign flipped OPEN—an invitation.

Old Horse

Old Horse By Rebecca Reynolds Weil   |  September 18, 2023
His bones have a hold on the earth, with sinew and muscle built from the hills, corded and bunched over his shoulders and haunches. Along the edges of bramble rose and burdocks, he flushed wild turkeys into flight in front of him, like a ship scattering schools of fish before its bow.

On the 20th Anniversary of 9/11

On the 20th Anniversary of 9/11 By Laura Joyce-Hubbard   |  September 11, 2023
I think of John Ogonowski, leaving his farm at dawn in his green Chevy pickup . John flew cargo planes in Vietnam, knew the Boeing 767 like creases in his palm. He held the yoke, ran checklists, calmly captained the takeoff of the first plane that would crash into the World Trade Center.

Wailing in Irony and Sorrow: Masters of the Early Blues

Wailing in Irony and Sorrow: Masters of the Early Blues By Richard Terrill   |  September 8, 2023
Blackwood’s homage to early black music begins and ends in an imagistic but unlikely fashion.
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Snapped By Kate Lewis   |  September 4, 2023
I heard the snap before I saw it – my late grandmother’s worn rosary tugged apart by my preschooler’s tight grip. She’d only wanted to look, and I’d let her, and my sudden tears were a surprise.

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