Welcome to Iowa

Welcome to Iowa By Robin Hemley   |  June 26, 2023
Suffering from jetlag after the 24-hour trip from Singapore, I walked to a convenience store near us and purchased a couple of Red Bulls to keep me awake. The bearded dude at the counter saw the cans and said, “Getting wild tonight, huh?”

Lydia Walked

Lydia Walked By Sarah Beth Childers   |  June 19, 2023
Lydia walked the day of my miscarriage. At sixteen-and-a-half months old, my daughter was committed to speed crawling across the drought-dirt lawn, to strolling the summer sidewalk while clutching a large, firm hand.

Reckless Memory

Reckless Memory By Anna Leahy   |  June 12, 2023
That night I drove in the dark with you across the lawn, we were each leaving in our own way and had been drinking for tomorrow...

The Paper

The Paper By Wiley Wei-Chiun Ho   |  June 5, 2023
I recently framed the first piece of paper where my anglicized Taiwanese name appears. I paid extra for the solid wood frame and non-reflective glass, so that viewers can see the details clearly, including the black and white passport photo of my six year old self...

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