Paper Boats

Paper Boats By Sara Martin   |  February 27, 2023
It’s Christmas Eve. Grandpa sits between my brother, Jeff, and me in the church pew. Grandpa must see that we’re fading, because as soon as we're seated after singing “Oh Holy Night,” he nods at the bulletin in his hands.

The Green Apple God

The Green Apple God By Tom Fate   |  February 20, 2023
When I arrived at the Stella Maris chapel, orange and blue rays of sunlight flooded through a stained glass window. The warm shafts of color felt like answers to a question I didn’t know how to ask.


Gestures By Jody Keisner   |  February 13, 2023
Amelia folds her hands in her lap, like an elderly man at mass during the homily. They say certain facial expressions and body language are inherited, as if a blueprint for gestures is written on our genes.

Chocolate and Wine

Chocolate and Wine By Beth Alvarado   |  February 10, 2023
In “What Would John Williams Do?”—Williams was the author of the lately renowned novel Stoner—Frank recounts a conversation she had at a cocktail party with another writer who was describing “rampant writerly success. Travel, publication, money.” After this other author’s good fortune with a new book, the author had snagged a top-tier agent who’d sold the next book for a high five-figure advance. This writer, tall and smiling, teeth flashing in the late afternoon sunlight, hoped for six figures. Frank confides to the reader that she wanted to disappear. The only thing she was hoping for? A “handful” of her husband’s Ativans.
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Death, Grief, and Honey Nut Cheerios

Death, Grief, and Honey Nut Cheerios By Kiely Todd Roska   |  February 6, 2023
6:30 Tuesday morning. My four-year-old daughter sits next to me, scooping spoonfuls of cereal toward her mouth as milk drips onto her bare chest. Emmalani prefers life without clothing.

2021 - Disequilibria by Robert Lunday

2021 - Disequilibria by Robert Lunday February 1, 2023
Winner of the River Teeth Literary Nonfiction PrizeDisequilibria: Meditations on Missingness is a hybrid memoir that recounts the 1982 disappearance of the author's stepfather, James Edward Lewis, a pilot and Vietnam veteran. Recounting his family's

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