COVID Subnivean

COVID Subnivean By Adrie Kusserow   |  November 28, 2022
Ground frozen, mice and voles on lockdown below, still they skitter beneath, not even the fox dares to dive into the snow taut with a glassy sheath of ice. The Barred owls, too, are starving, crouched near birdfeeders in broad daylight.

Moon Walk

Moon Walk By Libby Brydolf   |  November 21, 2022
We make it to the brushy meadow before we get our first glimpse of the moon: a slip of glow rising. We watch in the cool spring evening until it hangs whole over Kwaay Paay Peak before continuing on the wide dusty track.

River Teeth Issue Preview 24.1

River Teeth Issue Preview 24.1 November 16, 2022
River Teeth 24.1 features the writing of Nicholas Dighiera Nicole Hamer, Jessica Kulynych, David McGlynn, Lilly U. Nguyen, Craig Reinbold, Ellen Rogers, S. N. Rodriguez, Ana Maria Spagna, Leslie Stonebraker, and Jessie van Eerden.
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Editor's Notes 24.1

Editor's Notes 24.1 By Dan Lehman   |  November 16, 2022
Two giants of nonfiction literature have died since last we wrote these notes: Janet Malcolm and Joan Didion. And so we offer tribute. Simply stated, one cannot imagine nearly twenty-five years of River Teeth without their enduring influence.
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Backward Steps

Backward Steps By Gary Fincke   |  November 14, 2022
In our kitchen, some nights, my wife walks backwards, but mostly she does her retreats in the living room, where there is room for additional steps. She says this exercise postpones the arrival of unsteadiness, mustering a smile when she manages back and back again with grace.


Lenore By Monica Judge   |  November 7, 2022
I never witnessed Grandma Judge in the act of creation. On her visits, she presented crocheted doilies and Kleenex box covers, butterflies stitched in monarch colors affixed to magnets. My sister and I snuggled under the blanket she’d hooked together...

The Fire That Burns the Hurt Away

The Fire That Burns the Hurt Away By Robert Root   |  November 4, 2022
The memoir thread is anchored in Macdonald’s response to the unexpected death of her father on a London street. Father and daughter were close; his loss capsizes her sense of herself in the world and haunts her throughout the book.
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