On the 20th Anniversary of 9/11

On the 20th Anniversary of 9/11 By Laura Joyce-Hubbard   |  June 27, 2022
I think of John Ogonowski, leaving his farm at dawn in his green Chevy pickup . John flew cargo planes in Vietnam, knew the Boeing 767 like creases in his palm. He held the yoke, ran checklists, calmly captained the takeoff of the first plane that would crash into the World Trade Center.

Here I Am

Here I Am By Caroline Sutton   |  June 20, 2022
Two-year-old Ella takes a stick and draws zigzags in the sand. She asks me to write her name; I say each letter aloud and she knows that these are the marks that make words that make the stories we read to her, which she inhabits and commits to memory.

A Life, A Marriage, A Family—Intentionally Chosen

A Life, A Marriage, A Family—Intentionally Chosen By Jessie van Eerden   |  June 14, 2022
In American Honey, a memoir-in-essays, Sarah Wells tells the story of a woman becoming a whole version of herself while navigating marriage and embracing a definition of love that abides mistakes and failures.
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Gotcha Day

Gotcha Day By Erika Nichols-Frazer   |  June 13, 2022
We adopted Nala the day my mother fell down the stairs. That wasn't her name, but she didn't look like a Mindy.


Thingness By Darien Andreu   |  June 6, 2022
My husband raps on the kitchen window from the deck outside where the cat sews in and around his legs. "Can you hand me that thing?" he says, pointing unsteadily. The scar from his brain surgery curves over his left ear. An upside-down horseshoe.

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