Reason Enough

Reason Enough By Sherrie Weller   |  February 28, 2022
A friend and I are at happy hour. Icy doubles swim in glasses before us. Recently discovered: We are both adopted. Blooming: An intimacy unwarranted by the length of time we've known each other. I describe growing up with an identical twin, wondering about our birthmother. Ask if she has done a search.

Robert Lunday Wins River Teeth's 2021 Literary Nonfiction Book Prize

Robert Lunday Wins River Teeth's 2021 Literary Nonfiction Book Prize By Jill Christman   |  February 22, 2022
We are delighted to announce that Robert Lunday has won the 2021 River Teeth Literary Nonfiction Book Prize. Fayettenam: Meditations on Missingness will be published by the University of New Mexico Press in spring 2023. All entries were screened by t


Gratitude By Kathryn Petruccelli   |  February 21, 2022
Spring in a cold place. Which means everything is so heartbreakingly tender—tulips lifting their dusky prom skirts, dandelions twinkling in their green sky.


Eyelashes By Monika Dziamka   |  February 14, 2022
The AC rattles above me, but all else is silent, so silent, so blissfully silent. My baby is asleep at grandma's tonight, across town and across space so wide and deep and needed that I now almost don't quite know what to do with all this time.


Confession By Rachel Greenley   |  February 7, 2022
It happens six, maybe seven times a day. I'm crouched. He looks at me with those liquid eyes, his face in front of mine, his wet nose quivering, exploring my breath.

The House That Rape Built

The House That Rape Built By Emily Waples   |  February 4, 2022
This enduring presence is no small feat, especially when—as Saterstrom intimates by way of, or rather in lieu of, closure—the dominant cultural narrative is that which comes after: the meaning-of, the healing-from, the accounting-for, the reckoning-with.
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