The Drive Home

By Kimberly Goode

May 17, 2021

The Drive Home

We pulled out of the driveway. Our destination: Newark International Airport for a pre-dawn flight back to Seattle. My father drove his Ford Taurus just below the speed limit. Staring out the window, I thought of all the times we’d travelled this road together before. For Sunday trips to the zoo. To grab a birthday present for a party. On the way back from high school golf practice. Then after college, to catch planes back to apartments in Colorado Springs and Seattle. Coming or going, this road always led home. To the white Victorian house with the big pillars. To the periwinkle room with my varsity letters still hanging on cork board. Like a game of tag, this was the place I ran. My touchstone before heading back into the whirlwind of the world again.

But as we drove, we sensed this ride was different. Sean, my boyfriend, sat behind me in the backseat. For the first time, two of us would offer my father final hugs goodbye. Two of us would wander to the gate. Two of us would land in Seattle. And two of us would ride side-by-side home. A new home, on another road many miles from here.

My future sat behind me, my past sat beside. Two worlds were forming in the midnight blue sedan, breaking and remaking me. And all three of our hearts bore witness in the silence.


Kimberly Goode is a writer and editor. She lives with her husband Sean just outside of Seattle, where she enjoys listening to the songs of birds and the sounds of rain.


Picture by Vagelis Lnz courtesy of Unsplash

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