James Brown

March 30, 2021
James Brown is the author of several books, including the memoirs Apology to the Young Addict and The Los Angeles Diaries.
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Mist By Courtney Hill Gulbro   |  March 29, 2021
A wisp of perfume accompanied my mother. Like her, it was elegant and subtle. The fragrance softly followed her up the hall, her heels clicking, her skirt rustling. Late to somewhere.

The Bends of the Kickapoo

The Bends of the Kickapoo By Craig Holt Segall   |  March 22, 2021
The Kickapoo doubles back on itself. Cutting its way through the billion-year old hummocks of the Driftless Region, the river winds in tight knots and bends. In the high blue Wisconsin summers, ferns and orchids grow on the banded cliffs above the water.

Anchoring and Questioning: Tracing Research and Reflection in Leonard Winograd’s “The Physics of Sorrow”

 Anchoring and Questioning: Tracing Research and Reflection  in Leonard Winograd’s “The Physics of Sorrow” By Jessie Ferree   |  March 16, 2021
Leonard Winograd’s essay “The Physics of Sorrow,” found in River Teeth 21.1, provides a perfect example of the proper roles of research and reflective questioning.
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This is Orange

This is Orange By Jill Kolongowski   |  March 15, 2021
Around 10:30 this morning the world is orange. The sky, the houses, the air. Inside, my new baby is trying to roll over. She wants to do it so badly she tries to do it in her crib instead of sleeping. She is hopeful. She is determined.

Red Talisman

Red Talisman By Christina Rivera Cogswell   |  March 8, 2021
In sepia photos of the flower market, I picture my father with bundles of pearl chrysanthemums or peach carnations in his brown boy arms. A child with the lodgepole-spine of knowing pride can mean the difference between survival or not under the street-corner eyes of the City of Angels.

Rick Rees

March 4, 2021
Rick Rees currently lives and writes in Portland, Oregon, though Georgia is often on his mind.
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Jessica Franken

March 4, 2021
Jessica Franken is an essayist and poet living in Minneapolis. Her nonfiction is published or forthcoming in Creative Nonfiction Sunday Short Reads, phoebe, under the gum tree, The Cincinnati Review, Complete Sentence, and elsewhere.
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Jason Goldsmith

March 4, 2021
Jason Goldsmith is Associate Professor of English and program director of the Visiting Writers Series at Butler University in Indianapolis.
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Emily Waples

March 4, 2021
Emily Waples lives in Northeast Ohio, where she is Assistant Professor of Biomedical Humanities and Director of the Center for Literature and Medicine at Hiram College.
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Shamecca Harris

March 4, 2021
Shamecca Harris is a New York-based creative writer and teaching artist.
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Richard Goodman

March 4, 2021
Richard Goodman is the author of French Dirt: The Story of a Garden in the South of France, The Soul of Creative Writing, A New York Memoir, and The Bicycle Diaries: One New Yorker's Journey Through 9/11.
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Nicole Graev Lipson

March 4, 2021
Nicole Graev Lipson's essays and journalism have appeared in Creative Nonfiction, The Hudson Review, Hippocampus, Crab Creek Review, The Washington Post, and The Boston Globe, among other publications.
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Greg Bottoms

March 4, 2021
Greg Bottoms is an essayist and story writer. He is the author of two memoirs, Lowest White Boy (2019) and Angelhead (2000), an Esquire Magazine "Book of the Year"; two books of essays about American outsider artists, The Colorful Apocalypse (2007) and Spiritual American Trash (2013); and four prose collections, Sentimental, Heartbroken Rednecks (2001), Fight Scenes (2008), Swallowing the Past (2011), and Pitiful Criminals (2014).
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Marianne Jay Erhardt

March 4, 2021
Marianne Jay Erhardt teaches writing at Wake Forest University. Her work appears in Oxford American, Michigan Quarterly Review, Conjunctions, phoebe, and Ninth Letter.
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Abigail Thomas

March 4, 2021
Abigail Thomas has four children, twelve grandchildren, and one great grandchild. Her books include Safekeeping; A Three Dog Life; and What Comes Next and How to Like It.
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Next Stop, Middle-Aged Fatherhood

Next Stop, Middle-Aged Fatherhood By Cyndie Zikmund   |  March 2, 2021
Franklin, the author of another University of Nebraska collection, My Wife Wants You to Know I’m Happily Married, is the father of three boys and is about to turn forty. He has challenges teaching his children how to become good men while he struggles with more global concerns such as social injustice, the meaning of life, and the American mythologies we impart to our children.
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Talk to Her

Talk to Her By Michael McAllister   |  March 1, 2021
I once took a job with a major online retailer, listening to the words that people spoke in their own homes to a voiced virtual assistant I'll call Amaya. Our ragtag team of English and Linguistics majors tapped away on laptops, categorizing the words for the developers so she’d respond better over time, listening to the private words of a faceless people.

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