Beach Day

By Elizabeth Amon

October 21, 2019

Beach Day

Blue skies, blazing sun, of course. But honestly, it was a perfect day for fleeing steaming city streets, freezing corporate offices, our apartment, where a stuffed hippo and a crocheted blanket menaced. Everything had changed. I didn’t need the doctor’s grave confirmation or to collapse into my husband’s arms. I needed to get away. To bob in the powerful peaks of the ocean waves, dodge the crashing white crests, ride the flow of the surf until it beached me on the pebbly sand. And allow the undertow to draw my body back out and wash the memory away.


Elizabeth Amon recently upended her life and switched from the East to the West Coast, journalism to social justice advocacy, chlorinated pools to open water swimming. She’s now looking for representation to change her Kirkus-starred, but unpublished novel, into a published book. More at

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