Forced Quince, as Study

By Arra Ross

December 31, 2018

Forced Quince, as Study

The way, on the fourth day, the sepals' little leaflets, grown twice yesterday's size to a fourth inch, have curled back–like legs spread or backs arched—from the buds, and darkened, layered with a brownish-red toward the soft tip, and through which the thinner tissue of the center line appears white, and, if you look very closely, the veins also are faint lines v-ing upward toward the faintly visible serrated edge catching bare beads of light, while the whole leaf, sheened, glows as new growing things glow.

Today, the buds, too, burst further into the human-visible realm, and I can count how many in a cluster – five here, four there, just two there at the tip of a thin off-shoot branch, growing right in the middle of a half-inch thorn. Upon the larger of the chartreuse buds, one can begin to see a barely perceptible seam, indicated by an overlap, a rounded asymmetrical thickening, almost, here, a flap.

What grows beneath, and how, are mysteries. I change the water. Place the hacked boughs back in the jar. From this clear liquid, and the knowledge and nutrients buried in winter bark—how does it make something so different from what it is? This tissued tendered leaf, this ball of burning burgeoning, where petaled colors pulse beneath, without question, without death.

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