By Sian Griffiths

November 5, 2018


I am correcting your typos (fallow becoming follow, gooing becoming going), correcting the interesting but incorrect with the boring and banal because what you meant was boring and banal, and I want to help you say what you mean, but what I’m wondering as I mark and mark is whether correction itself is a mistake, and I’m wondering too where your typos might lead if you would only fallow them for a little while and where your ideas would goo when words became sticky or slick. Would you find language can be more than what you mean when you had only meant meanly? What I want you to know is that there are possibilities in language if you’d only let it lead you as it clearly wants to, if you would wend with your words as they wander so wildly wayward. What I want to know is this: if I weren’t here raising the bowling bumpers to bounce your errors back in their lane, would you let your words ricochet like rockets across the bright night, shooting like stars (or stares or steers)? What would be stirred then, and how would you mind?

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