The Museum of Broken Relationships (repeat)

By Jonathan Starke

July 31, 2017

The Museum of Broken Relationships (repeat)

There’s this letter on the wall in there that a young boy writes to a young girl during the Bosnian War. They meet at gunpoint, marching toward a van that will drive them to a war camp. The girl doesn’t know the boy loves her. Some will say the boy doesn’t know what real love is yet. If he does, the war camp will break him of it. He talks about a collection of songs in his head that he wants to give to her on tape when the war is over. He writes that he wants to tell her he loves her, that when they split her away from him at the camp, it was all he ever wanted to say. He has said it now—in scars and years and yearning and ink. She could walk into the museum and read it right on the wall. It wouldn’t take so much. It would only require a map of this human heart, the understanding that love can grow over bullets and blackness.


Image provided by Antony Mayfield via Flickr's Creative Commons licence.

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