Dinner Talk

By Edvige Giunta

June 12, 2017

Dinner Talk

The asparagus grew in the Sicilian garden, and my mother made frittata that was sometimes lunch, sometimes dinner, sometimes snack. Food ran like a thread through our days, and it was orderly and good. We ate lunch together, but my father ate dinner alone because he stayed out, talking politics in the square, and needed to eat right before bed because of his digestion. Sometimes I sat with him, and I remember him chewing bread and drinking wine, and the stories he told me, and his voice rising almost to a shout and then lowering to a whisper, and sometimes his silence, full.

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Thank you for sharing the gentle, warm quality of a delicious memory!
Valerie at 8:38am EDT - June 12, 2017
Four active and interesting sentences beginning with and telling how "The asparagus grew." "Food ran," "We ate," and "Sometimes I sat with him" __each sentence packed with goodies, the last one both crescendo and decrescendo in three lines, dessert.
Nancy Nichols at 8:55am EDT - June 12, 2017

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