What I Made

By Brad A. Modlin

June 22, 2015

What I Made

I want to be a man who pays each bill the day it arrives. I want to be a man who knows the precise location of every object in his backpack. I want to be a man who knows about carpentry. What skill could be more strong and useful than the power to build someone a bookshelf or a box for their vegetable garden? You’d help them feed themselves that way. Then they’d gather all the lettuce, and radishes, and red bell peppers, and cilantro, and carrots of every color into a feast—and half the town would crowd onto the benches your hand had sanded, lean their elbows onto the tabletop you had fit into place, and everyone would gabble together and trade jokes—even people who didn’t like each other, even people with years-old, small-town grudges, and you’d lean back, cover your smile with your napkin, surveying it all, and think, Look what I made.


Photo "Volunteers Building Picnic Tables" provided by Kevin Bacher, via Flickr.com creative commons license.

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