Podcast Interview with Vanessa Grigoriadis

By Matt Tullis

November 19, 2014

Podcast Interview with Vanessa Grigoriadis

In this episode of Gangrey: The Podcast, Matt Tullis talks with Vanessa Grigoriadis, award winning contributor for national magazines including New York, Vanity Fair and Rolling Stone magazines. She talks about pop culture,  journalistic research and some of her recent articles. 


Grigoriadis calls herself a generalist longform writer. She writes about hot topics in the world and does a lot of celebrity profiles -- really good celebrity profiles that dig far beyond what a celebrity’s publicist often wants.

She won a National Magazine Award in profile writing for her profile on Karl Lagerfeld. Her New York Magazine story "Gawker and the Rage of the Creative Underclass" was a finalist for a National Magazine Award in feature writing. She recently wrote a piece called "Justin Bieber: A Case Study in Growing Up Cosseted and Feral." The story in many ways serves as a follow-up to the profile of Bieber that she wrote for Rolling Stone in 2011.


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