Digging for Gold

By Elizabeth Glass

July 28, 2014

Digging for Gold

My four-year-old niece, Cheyenne, runs toward me, jumps into my arms when I arrive at her house in the woods. I pull her up, our faces are close. She smiles, raises her hand. "Can I see your pretty teeth?" I open my mouth, gold crowns gleam and shimmer like sparkly jewelry in back, crowns I wish were white as the clover flowers we make tiaras out of, but then I'd miss this. "Can I touch?" I nod. She reaches in and rubs her small finger against my golden back molars, reading the Braille of love along the tops of my pretty teeth.


Photo "Me and Nana" provided by jenny818, via Flickr creative commons license.

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This makes me smile so big you can see my gold molar. Thank you, Elizabeth, for this beautiful thing.
Judy Reeves at 3:02pm EDT - July 28, 2014
Thanks, Elizabeth. This is beautiful introduction for me to River Teeth!
Jane McCord at 7:31pm EDT - July 28, 2014
A lovely moment! What we see as imperfections...
Marion Agnew at 10:21am EDT - July 29, 2014
A lovely moment. Thank you for wording it so beautiful. Truly a beautiful thing. My son, when he was little, used to ask to see the "treasure" in my mouth.
Bobbi Buchanan at 12:36pm EDT - July 30, 2014
My daughter loves a mole on the bridge of my nose the same way. You're right. Why spend time thinking about something as a flaw when someone dear sees it as an asset?
Anjie at 7:31pm EDT - August 16, 2014
Elizabeth -- What a delicious scene! Makes me hungry for some hot cereal.
Bob Brandt at 7:03am EDT - August 17, 2014
This is so beautiful. Perfect imperfections are so hard for adults to find, but so easy for children. Thanks for sharing this with us!
Keith Stewart at 2:41pm EDT - October 6, 2014

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