Why We're Here: Third Annual River Teeth Nonfiction Conference


May 22, 2014

Why We're Here: Third Annual River Teeth Nonfiction Conference

For as intimate and vulnerable as the writing process is, the process of sending my work out into the world for possible publication feels like the most distant and impersonal interaction there is between writer and reader.

And yet, what is publishing our words except engaging in a broader conversation, contributing one voice to a river of voices? When seeking out places to publish, writers should ask themselves: Who is talking about the things I want to talk about? Who is listening to the stories I care about? Where might my voice be heard and considered?

Next weekend’s conference represents the blended voice of River Teeth—we are here to hear our collective harmony, catch the resonance and dissonance in our melodies, and tune our truest instrument. We are here to build relationships with other writers who are as passionate as we are about craft and storytelling. We are here to learn from each other the ways we can make our stories more powerful and engaging so that we can connect with our audience, the community that will one day read our words and enter into conversation with the story on the page.

Our hope is that you will leave the weekend feeling empowered, energized, and equipped to deepen the emotional truths, broaden the physical realities, and strengthen the narrative threads that make up your writing. We hope, too, that you will have a jolly good time, laugh a bit, eat and drink well, and develop relationships with other writers to sustain you.

See you then!

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