By Georgie Hunt

May 5, 2014


I was just talking to my grandmother on the phone. Oftentimes when we speak, she apologizes to me for the scratchiness of her voice. She says she has a cold that refuses to go away. I know this is just how her voice sounds now after the stroke.

"There is something wrong with my nose," she says. "I want to cut it off." I know she's joking. But still, it stings a little. How in some ways, she means what she says. Her frustrations become increasingly apparent, like wrinkles, when all there used to be was grace.

"I won't do that, though," my grandmother continues. "I wouldn't be able to smell the cleaning lady when she comes. She smells so good." 

Just like that, the sting is gone.


Photo "En viaje" provided by Julián Rodriguez Orihuela, via Flickr creative commons license.

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