Podcast Interview with Eva Holland

By Matt Tullis

April 17, 2014

Podcast Interview with Eva Holland

In this episode of Gangrey: The Podcast, Matt Tullis interviews Eva Holland.

Eva Holland is a freelance writer and editor based in Canada's Yukon Territory. She writes for a lot of different publications, including Vela Magazine and SB Nation Longform. She is the co-editor of World Hum, a website devoted to the best travel stories on the Internet. 2013 was a great year for Holland.

She had pieces from Vela Magazine listed as notable in both Best American Essays and Best American Sports Writing. She’s written two stories for SB Nation Longform that were aggregated by Longform.org. One focused on the handlers who help sled dog racers in the one-thousand mile Yukon Quest. The other story is about called “Wilderness Women” and is about women who go to Alaska to compete in one of the wildest and strangest competitions ever.

Her story "Chasing Alexander Supertramp" looks at the increasing number of people who make the pilgrimage to the bus where Christopher McCandless of Into the Wild Fame died. The hike to that bus includes a dangerous crossing of the Teklanika River in Alaska, and continues to strand hikers on a regular basis, and sometimes claim lives.

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