By Michelle Webster-Hein

February 11, 2014


Today, weary of traffic, I took the back roads home. Now is the season of every green imaginable--the wet emerald of grass, the pale lime of newly broken buds, the chartreuse shock of fresh algae, the midnight fir of country lakes.

When we die we don’t seem half as dead as the weeping willow that hung naked and desolate over our neighbor’s sidewalk all winter long--the same willow that just this evening brushed my shoulder with its green-petaled fingers.

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This. Is. Gorgeous.
Tavia Gilbert at 11:10am EST - February 11, 2014
This helps to keep hope alive as I struggle in my desire for spring it its beauty and its "green-petaled fingers".
Thank you for your thoughtful word imagery
Connie at 11:41am EST - February 11, 2014
The shades of green could not have been more descriptive. Great writing.
Tara at 12:20pm EST - February 11, 2014
Love the simplicity of this series. Just one thing per day. It makes me want to find that one thing in my day. Am reading Thich Nhat Hanh on mindfulness--this is very much in that spirit. Thanks, Michelle
P.S. Great pix!
John K at 9:46pm EST - February 11, 2014

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