By Michelle Webster-Hein

February 2, 2014


When my infant daughter wakes at two in the morning and her father cannot coax her back to sleep, she and I curl up on the mattress in the guest room below the big window, and I drift off with her tiny fingers gripping my thumb.

At dawn she sits up and stares out at the world so long and so hard that I start to wonder if she’s watching a cat, perhaps, or a deer. But I look, and it is just the morning--new again, and worthy of attention.

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How your little one views the new day is something we should emulate. Thomas Merton always sought to witness the dawn and saw it as speaking the word DAY but never in the same language.
Tara at 12:01pm EST - February 2, 2014
Lovely. xo
Tavia Gilbert at 1:16pm EST - February 2, 2014
Anyone who's had an infant can feel that tiny grip around their thumb. Thanks for the beautiful reminder.
Judith Sara Gelt at 3:23pm EST - February 2, 2014

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