28 Days of Beautiful Things

January 15, 2014

28 Days of Beautiful Things

The wonder of the winter snow drifting and blowing wears down to threadbare chill, bitter and dark: when will spring be here, we groan, but there’s still February, still another month (at least) of bundling and shoveling and crumpled Kleenexes in pockets. What can stir the spirit along with hot chocolate, what can warm the soul besides a hot toddy by the fireplace with the one you love?

Why, daily doses of beautiful things.

In the month of February, River Teeth will feature excerpts from Michelle Webster-Hein’s essay, “Beautiful Things,” which first appeared in River Teeth 15.1. Michelle’s essay seeks beauty through 28 ordinary objects or moments, beginning with “Beet” and ending with “Carrot,” sprinkling in brief reflections (no more than a paragraph or two each day) on everyday objects, people, and activities.

The 28 Days of Beautiful Things Project will help escort out the winter doldrums. Find beauty in each day.

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