Jesse Bordoni

August 27, 2013

Jessica Bordoni is from Ithaca, New York. Currently, she is a senior at the University of North Carolina Wilmington finishing an English degree in literary studies.  Jessica will go on to receive her master’s degree in Creative Writing. This is her first publication.

Work from Jesse Bordoni has been included in Issue 15.1.

Amy A. Whitcomb holds a Master of Science in Environmental Science and is completing a Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing, both from the University of Idaho. Her essays and poems have appeared in several publications and anthologies, including High Country News, Flyway, Frogpond, and Tahoe Blues: Short Lit on Life at the Lake. In 2011, she was awarded a Bodie McDowell scholarship from the Outdoor Writers Association of America. She currently works as a writing consultant for graduate students. 

Work from Amy A. Whitcomb has been included in Issue 14.2.

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