Volume 13 Number 1

October 1, 2011

Volume 13 Number 1

Volume 13, Number 1

Table of Contents Headwaters
Editor's Notes
Joe Mackall
I don't remember much about being 12 or 13 years old, but I do recall feeling a little restless, maybe even a tad reckless. Read More...
“Now Look”
Sydney Lea
What follows, I must acknowledge straight off, is far more tale than report, however firmly I may have founded it on things Mattie told me.
“Attraction Next Exit”
Kim Dana Kupperman
On a warm Saturday in late June 2010, I am driving home from Gambier, Ohio, to Gettysburg, Pennsylvania.
"The Game of Life”
Lisa Ohlen Harris
We’re always a little carsick when we crest that last hill in the coast range and the Pacific comes into view, sparkling in sunlight or gray and choppy on a stormy day.
 “Imposter: The Strange Case of the Life and Afterlife of Michel Ney, Field Marshal of France, and Peter Stuart Ney, Schoolmaster of the Carolinas”
Philip Gerard
Whoever he is, he lies in a graveyard behind an unimposing brick church, the Third Creek Presbyterian in rural Cleveland, North Carolina, an hour or so northeast of Charlotte.
"Dear Jack, Ted, Jim, or Some Other One-Syllable Name"
Cynthia Anne Brandon
I’m mostly writing to say that I’m sorry I mistook you for a serial killer.
“Love & Fury”
Richard Hoffman
My father is explaining that he thought it best to name my brother as executor of the will since he is local.
“No Place Like Home”
Michelle Herman
I was twenty-one when I moved out of my parents’ apartment and into one of my own, ten miles away (or, more to the point, nine express stops north on the D train).
“Standing Naked in a Pool of Her Clothing”
Mary Haug
In a softly lit gallery at the Chicago Institute of Art, portraits of women bathing hang on the stark, white walls.
“The Last Gas Chamber”
Rosa del Duca
This is what I know about CS gas now: It stands for chlorobenzylidene malononitrile.
“Ya Mismo”
Steven Harvey
I have a sudden and vivid premonition of my basement flooding.
"The Wild Ones”
Bethany Maile
Grouped by age, the colts came first.
Contributors' Notes 

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