Volume 10 - The River Teeth Reader

January 30, 2009

Volume 10 - The River Teeth Reader

In this best-of issue of RIVER TEETH:

Editors' Notes


Sex and the Gimpy Girl
Nancy Mairs

Tracy Daugherty

Small Rooms in Time
Ted Kooser

Dog Days
Sam Pickering

Valmiki's Palm
David James Duncan

Monster Trucks and the White Bellaire
Sophie Beck

Stones: Turning Points
Barbara Hurd

On Dusk
Teddy Macker

Michelle Herman

A Backward Spring
Lee Martin

Tom Feeney

Laying on of Hands
Steven Harvey

Signs and Wonders
Rebecca McClanahan

The Etiquette of Being a Breast
Amy Morgenstern



The Clearwater
Kim Barnes

Among Women
Jessie Harriman

The Rage of Men
R. Glendon Brunk

The Speed of Memory
Brad K. Younkin

Shine On
Floyd Skloot

The Best Cake Made Both of Us Sad
Chris Offutt

Paddling the Middle Fork: A Love Story in Low Water
Jill Christman

It's Me. It's Him. It's Them.
Diana Joseph

Margaret MacInnis

The Oil Man
Ann M. Bauer

Danger Boys
Steven Church

At the Drive-In with My Brother
Stephen Gutierrez

Fried Eggs
Seth Sawyers

The Last of the Raccoon
Diana Hume George

Brent Spencer


Literary Journalism

The Exorcist in Love
Tom French

By Force, Threat, or Deception
Joe Mackall

Good Guys
Maureen Stanton

Deborah Petersen Swift

The Thirteenth Hour: The Wreck of the Sailboat Morning Dew and a Child's Voice in the Dark
Philip Gerard


Craft and Criticism

A New Journalist's Suggestions for Daily Journalists
Gay Talese

The Body Out There: The Stakes of Jon Krakauer's Adventure Narratives
Daniel W. Lehman

When You Weren't There: How Reporters Recreate Scenes for Narrative
Andrea Lorenz

The Writer's Choice
Walt Harrington


Contributors' Notes
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