Volume 8, Number 2

March 30, 2007

Volume 8, Number 2

Table of Contents

Editor’s Notes
Dan Lehman

Monster Trucks and the White Bellaire
Sophie Beck

Paddling the Middle Fork: A Love Story in Low Water
Jill Christman

A Tale of Two Cities
Kevin Kerrane

“Language Rules”: Witnessing about Trauma on South Africa’s TRC
Pumla Gobodo-Madikizela

Fact Bordering Fiction and the Honesty of “I”
Antjie Krog

Slow Walk to Freedom
Andie Miller

Liza Field

David Gessner

City Life, Interrupted
Jacqueline Marino

Richard Hoffman

Souvenirs from Ganymede
Juan Martinez

Three Bad Trips, 1968–1977
Dinty W. Moore

Distances of the Afternoon
Donald Morrill

The Wandering Womb
S.L. Wisenberg

The Ruined Corn: Winter Memories, Southern Illinois
J.T. Ledbetter

Contributors’ Notes

Keywords: 8-2
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