Volume 2, Number 1

October 1, 2000

Volume 2, Number 1
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Editor's Notes 
"Among Women"
Jessie Harriman
Women breathe questions into one another.
"The Best Cake Made Both of Us Sad"
Chris Offutt
Last night's rain has drained the air of all but blue.
 "That Little Boy You're Holding"
Sydney Lea
 Remember how you'd ask me why I couldn't ever "say things straight"?
 "Driving to the River"
Robert Vivian
Driving to the river is listening to the highway moan in cold asphalt, syllables that rasp a clean wave from Omaha to Lincoln.
 "When the Rain Came"
Earl Swift
Stand on the ford below his house, Davis Creek more pebble than water underfoot, and it's difficult to picture the place as it was that night in 1969.
 "The Delight Maker"
Charles Kemnitz
It didn't matter what I had intended in the beginning when I followed the trail with my family; somewhere I had taken a wrong turn and found myself staring at him for the third time in 30 years. 
Tom Feeney
Mrs. Eleanor Venesky was of the opinion in January 1995 that she was about to die, although she had no hard medical evidence to suggest it. 
 "On Forgiveness"
Jane Bernstein
I think of my brunch with the murderer often, even though our date was in April 1994. 
"Telling the Truth about Murder in America"
Eric Heyne
The true-crime story has a long and occasionally distinguished history in the annals of American literature.
Judith Kitchen
Just before my 21st birthday, I hitchhiked across Europe with one of my girlfriends from college.
"Crossing the Border"
Mimi Schwartz
My husband and I decided to rent a car and take the 25-mile drive into the hills northwest of Zurich, because I wanted a glimpse into what my father's life might have been without Hitler.
"Female Troubles"
Susan Olding
The Bay Center for Birth Control is a small, squat building made of yellow brick. It sits back of the road, behind a stamp-sized yard, dwarfed and doomed by the gleaming towers that surround it on all sides.
"Hiking with Amy"
Fleda Brown
There is a little snow on the ground, mostly packed into ice.
"Period of the Gruesome"
Jon Hughes
The remarkable Cincinnati journalism of Lafcadio Hearn has been appropriately called his "period of the gruesome" by one biographer.
"Dolly: An Idyll of the Levee"
Lafcadio Hearn
"The Lord only," once observed Officer Patsy Brazil, "knows what Dolly's real name is."
"Carson High"
Jon Christensen
The alarm woke Jason Hadwick at quarter to six.


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