Volume 1, Number 2

March 30, 2000

Volume 1, Number 2
Table of ContentsHeadwaters
Editor's Notes 
Tracy Daugherty
The longest oil pipeline in the United States runs from Kern County, Calif., where thousands of hungry Okies decamped in the '30s seeking redemption, to my home desert in West Texas where, when I was a child, no shelter could spare you from the dust in the air, no meals came without slabs of fatty meat, and the only redemption possible, if you believed the Holy Rollers, was loud, fast, and painful.
Philip Gerard
After college, when I lived in Burlington, Vermont, and tended bar at The Last Chance Saloon, on Main Street only a few rough blocks above Lake Champlain and the tank farms and barge docks that are gone now, replaced by a tourist pavilion and a yacht basin, I got recruited to join a baseball team in one of the small outlying towns.
 "In the White"
Julie Hale
In his attic-workshop, Dan Sivalia plays a tune on a fiddle he made from scratch three years ago.
 "Falling for the Nets"
Wil Haygood
I've laced up hightop sneakers and walked wide-eyed out into the world, believing my fate lay in what I did with the round orange object in my hands.
 "Four Visits to the Bear Paw Battlefield"
Ron McFarland
When the Nez Perce arrived at the foothills of the Bear Paws in north central Montana in late September 1877, pursued by about 600 troops under Col. Nelson A. Miles, they relaxed and let down their guard for a few fatal days.
 "The Oil Man"
Ann M. Bauer
Imagine a girl walking down a street in Paris.
 "The Ship Herder"
Mark Kramer
"Hurricane Hortense," the weatherman breezily observes in the gray dawn, "heads north."
 "Bread and Hope"
Madeleine Blais
Like any mother, mine on occasion has an urge to cite the various ways in which she not only went to bat for us as children, but also walked the extra mile and managed somehow to get water from stones as well as blood from turnips. 
"The Body Out There"
Daniel W. Lehman
Reading Jon Krakauer is like shouldering your way through tangled undergrowth toward a stone-cold slab where a body cools.
"What in the Wide Wide World is the Essay For"
Sara Levine
In 1920 Virginia Woolf wrote an essay about the essay, in which she suggested the principle which controls the essay is "simply that it should give pleasure."
"Smoke and Mirrors"
Jeffrey Hammond
I have always felt detached from my body.
"The Oriflama Harvest"
Mark Pendergrast
Guatemala, January 1997. Picking coffee berries (they call them "cherries") for the first time, I struggle to keep my balance on the precipitous hillside.
"The Color of God"
Roy Peter Clark
The wind was so strong it blew the American flag stiff, knocked over rows and rows of folding chairs, and sent the black caps of high school graduates spinning along the ground like tumbleweed.
"Reclaiming 1 and 2"
Larry Smith
We threw their basketball over the hill.


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