Volume 1, Number 1

October 1, 1999

Volume 1, Number 1
Table of ContentsHeadwaters
Editor's Notes 
"River Teeth: An Introduction"
David James Duncan
When an ancient streamside tree finally falls into its bordering river, it drowns as would a human, and begins to disintegrate with surprising speed. Read more...
"The Clearwater"
Kim Barnes
I take the river a step at a time.
"Small Change"
Leon Dash and Susan Sheehan
It was still 85 degrees at 8 p.m. that Sunday night in July, but it felt even hotter inside Lester Hicks's apartment.
"Sex and the Gimpy Girl"
Nancy Mairs
The other day, I went into a tizzy.
"A Death in the Family"
Jon Franklin
It was dawn when David Brewer arrived at the Duke Primate Center to find two cars parked outside the loading doors.
"By Force, Threat, or Deception"
Joe Mackall
On Friday the 13, just 12 days before his 42nd birthday, a birthday he swore he'd never see, Don pulled out of his parking space at a job he hated and turned into eastbound traffic.
"The Language of Love in Richard Selzer's 'The Consultation'"
Ronald J. Nelson
Fiction and nonfiction conventionally are described as opposing concepts--the former taking the reader on an imaginative journey through a made-up reality, the latter on a factual journey through reality.
"Altogether the Wrong Color"
Brian Mooney
Outside the family room of the ICU at Brigham & Women's Hospital, my father holds forth about the general weakening of the human species and how we should all suck in our guts and stop complaining about every little thing.
"Serbia: The Country of Death"
John Reed

"Too bad," said Wiley. "So young, too. Do you want the remains shipped home, or shall we have you buried up there?"

"Kosovo Under Fire"
Philip Smucker
PRISTINA, Kosovo (27 March 1999) -- For the past two years I have made Yugoslavia my home.

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