Tami Mohamed Brown


First: Tami Mohamed
Last: Brown
Bio: Tami Mohamed Brown holds an MFA in creative writing from Hamline University. She has been the recipient of a MN Emerging Writer's Grant, a Loft Mentor Series Award and a Blacklock Nature Sanctuary Fellowship. Her work has appeared in Brevity, Mizna, Sweet and elsewhere. She lives in Bloomington with her family and finds inspiration on her daily bus commute to her office job in downtown Minneapolis. She writes about these things.

Tami Mohamed's Blogs

Chalk on Pavement
At the far end of the empty park-and-ride lot, a silver Toyota jerks its way across the yellow painted parking lines in starts and stops. Someone, presumably, is learning to drive. Sprawled sideways on the ground, I pull an oversized piece of pink sidewalk chalk across the uneven cement, my hand echoing the jerks of the car in an attempt to carefully form letters on a square of pavement next to the bus shelter, the rough concrete cold under my hands.
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In Perilous Times
The Frank Lloyd Wright calendar hangs askew on your cubicle wall, the citrus skylights of July turning right angles into August in an attempt to create unity on a Tuesday morning when youíre wearing stripes and your socks donít match. Your feet rest on a coil of cords that tangle dangerously under the desk and your coffee cup sits too close to the keyboard without a cover. You shoot a rubber band at a window not meant to open. Itís eleven in the morning and youíve already eaten lunch. These are signs that we are living in perilous times.
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