Sonja Livingston


First: Sonja
Last: Livingston
Bio: Sonja Livingstonís first book, Ghostbread, won the AWP Award for Creative Nonfiction. Her writing has received awards from the Deming Fund for Women, the Iowa Review, and the New York State Foundation for the Arts. Essays from her latest collection-in-progress have been honored with Pushcart nominations, a 2012 Arts & Letters Nonfiction Prize, and appear or are forthcoming in Fourth Genre, Creative Nonfiction, The McNeese Review and Arts & Letters. Sonja teaches in the MFA Program at the University of Memphis.

Sonja's Blogs

Iíve taken to collecting driftwood along the river. This is because I donít have Cable TV and therefore lack better vices, but also because I canít get enough of the way bits of tree wash up along the banks of Mud Island in spring, everything taken in by the river north of Memphis pushed along and carried southóclumps of stubborn snow and fishing lures and broken kites, but itís the driftwood I stop for, carrying pieces home in my arms or in bags when I think to bring one along for the purpose.
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