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First: Sarah
Last: Wells
Bio: Sarah M. Wells is the author of Pruning Burning Bushes and a chapbook of poems, Acquiesce. Poems and essays by Wells have appeared recently in Ascent, Brevity, Full Grown People, The Pinch, and elsewhere. Two of Sarah's essays were named notable essays in Best American Essays 2013 and 2012. She is at work on a memoir-in-essays collection ("messay") about the two most important men in her life--her father and her husband--tentatively titled American Honey. Sarah is the Administrative Director for Ashland University's MFA Program and Managing Editor for Ashland Poetry Press and River Teeth. She lives in Ashland, Ohio, with her husband and their three children.

Sarah's Blogs

Editor's Notes, Volume 15, Number 1
In the keynote address of the second annual River Teeth Nonfiction Conference, Scott Russell Sanders encouraged the audience of over 80 to write about where they are because, “Your place probably needs your art.”
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Why We\'re Here: Third Annual River Teeth Nonfiction Conference
For as intimate and vulnerable as the writing process is, the process of sending my work out into the world for possible publication feels like the most distant and impersonal interaction there is between writer and reader. And yet, what is publishing our words except engaging in a broader conversation, contributing one voice to a river of voices?
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Skipping Stones
I am standing with my children in the bed of river rocks that have been broken and smoothed to flat disks, millennia wearing away the rough places. My daughter gathers stones and skips them along the shallow surface. As I dip my hand into the river to retrieve a couple pebbles, I see the stones I wear on my left ring finger, glistening in the creek. They are new and old, ancient in their creation and recently purchased by my husband of ten years. Five are on my wedding band—diamonds I deemed “stones of remembrance” after we married. Stones like the Israelites carried through and across the Jordan, stones the children could see later and ask, “What do these stones mean?”
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Why We're Here: River Teeth Nonfiction Conference 2015
One week out from the River Teeth conference, conference director Sarah M. Wells reflects on why we gather for writers' conferences.
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Rooted and Reaching
My yoga instructor calls it “rooted and reaching,” that connection between the earthly and the sacred. I am here, even though somewhere in the past, if you’d asked me to shift into downward dog, I would have warned of some foreign demon taking residence in this Christ-saved jar of clay....
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