Sarah Broderick


First: Sarah
Last: Broderick
Bio: Sarah Broderick is a graduate student of creative writing at San Francisco State University. She is the recipient of a Phi Beta Kappa fellowship for her writing and winner of the Wilner Award for Short Fiction judged by Jacob M. Appel. Currently, she is assisting a Voice of Witness project on voices from Port-au-Prince, Haiti.

Sarah's Blogs

Tiny Purple Flowers
My mother stands at the grocery store counter. Tiny purple flowers rest tucked behind her ear. They have wilted as we walked through the aisles, comparing prices per ounce and coupons to sales. Now, the flower petals are withered balls of lint. They droop down on spindly stems as dry and thin as discarded threads. "Isn't my mommy pretty?" I say. I plucked those lavender stars, clusters that sprout from the cow pies that litter our fields, especially for her.
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