Riane Konc


First: Riane
Last: Konc
Bio: Riane Konc is a freelance writer living outside of Cincinnati, Ohio. Her work has been featured in The Steinbeck Review, Reductress, and The Lookout, among others. Website: www.theillustrious.net

Riane's Blogs

You have been ours for ten months, and tomorrow, the state will return you to your mother. Not ours, of course. We know. Foster parents have no rights, not really. Friends and family of foster parents certainly donít, no matter how many braids we tie, or school assemblies we attend, or baths we draw. I know the words on your spelling list for next week--youíve been struggling with affect and effect--but it doesnít matter, because tomorrow you will go home, and though we donít know it--though we give you our phone numbers and beg you to call, we will never hear from you again.
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