Melissa Cronin


First: Melissa
Last: Cronin
Bio: Melissa Cronin received her MFA in creative nonfiction from Vermont College of Fine Arts and her BS from Boston University. Her work has been published in Brevity, Hunger Mountain Journal, the Preservation Foundation’s Writers Showcase, and Chicken Soup for The Soul: Recovering from Traumatic Brain Injuries. Her personal essay, “Right Foot, Left Foot, adapted from her memoir, received “special mention” by Dinty W. Moore in the 2013 creative nonfiction contest held by Hunger Mountain Journal. Melissa lives in South Burlington, VT with her husband. She has written a memoir, and is a contributing writer for a local newspaper.

Melissa's Blogs

While I eat lunch with my father today, he stares at the bunch of bananas in front of him. "They're so beautiful," he says. "They're so yellow." He smiles, then giggles. Who is this man?
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