Marsha McGregor


First: Marsha
Last: McGregor
Bio: Marsha McGregor’s literary nonfiction, op ed articles, features and poetry have appeared in Fourth Genre, The Kenyon Review Online, The Philadelphia Inquirer, Brain,Child Magazine, Literary Mama, Ascent, National Public Radio, Healing Through the Numinous from a Jungian Perspective, YOU: An Anthology of Essays Devoted to the Second Person and elsewhere. Her first person essays appear regularly in Cleveland Magazine. “Sometimes Distant Sounds” is excerpted from a book-length flash nonfiction work in progress.

Marsha's Blogs

Sometimes Distant Sounds
There are times I rock on my porch in this battered chair, listening to life going on in the distance and long to be a part of it. A band playing on the green, the crack of a bat followed by whistles and cheers – even the traffic shushing by can make me wonder why I’m not going anywhere.
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