Marion Agnew


First: Marion
Last: Agnew
Bio: Marion Agnew lives and writes near Thunder Bay, Ontario, on Lake Superior. Her essays and short fiction have been published in literary journals in Canada and the United States and in Best Canadian Essays 2012. She is currently working on an essay or several about the world outside her windows.

Marion's Blogs

Late Spring
Another chilly, overcast afternoon. From my nest on the sofa, I stare out the window at the yard, where dead grass outlines piles of dirty snow. The gray sky mutes any hints of greening in the pines and spruce. It would be a fine view in March or even early April. But it's mid-May, and I am as crusty and frozen as the lingering snow. A flash of brilliant yellow startles me; a thunk pulls me to the back window. On the porch lies a quivering feather ball, yellow mottled with dark gray-blue and black. A bird hit the window. Its breast feathers pulse, golden and glowing.
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