Luanne Castle


First: Luanne
Last: Castle
Bio: Luanne Castle’s work has appeared or is forthcoming in Wisconsin Review, Lunch Ticket, 13th Moon, The MacGuffin, Airplane Reading, and others. She holds an MFA from Western Michigan University and a PhD from the University of California, Riverside, where she was a Fellow at the Center for Ideas and Society. She is writing a memoir called “Scrap: Salvaging a Family,” about growing up over a bomb shelter and in front of the city dump.

Luanne's Blogs

I wouldn't be here if my father hadn't sent me in his place. Under the insistent fluorescents and amid the smell of machine grease, a small forklift truck operates to the left, and ahead of me, a couple of men in overalls finger the cigarette packs in their pockets as they chat. At the window, a man in a dirty welder’s cap looks up from his clipboard. I explain that I have come to look at scrap metal. Small things, cast offs. Junk yard trash. This isn't my kind of place. I like silk blouses and almond orchards in full bloom.
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